We love our mountains. We offer guided hiking trips, including snowshoeing, in the surrounding mountains as well as guided visits in historical towns and monuments.

Eduardo is a member of AIGAE (Italian Association of Nature and Escursion Guides) as well as a Sila National Park guide. He can recommend trails that can be done autonomously or he can take you in the most hidden parts of the National Park.

Spring Hiking Calendar

12 maggio | Zarella – Lago di Ariamacina (sent. 410) | Durata: 4 h | Difficoltà:  E  | Tipo: Anello

13 maggio | Festa della Mamma “Sentiero Mamma Lupa”: Montescuro – rifugio  | Durata: 2 h | Difficoltà: T | Tipo: Traversata

20 maggio | Moccone – rifugio | Durata:2 h | Difficoltà:T | Tipo:Traversata

27 maggio | Fallistro – M. Botte Donato (sent. 403) | Durata:5 h | Difficoltà:E | Tipo:A/R

2 giugno | Rifugio – Valle del Tasso (sent. 421) | Durata:5 h | Difficoltà:E | Tipo: Anello

10 giugno | Festa del Sambuco: passeggiate nei dintorni del rifugio | Durata:2 h | Difficoltà:T | Tipo:A/R


The Spring Hiking Calendar is part of the promotion “Sila, primavera in cammino

*Le escursioni si effettueranno se verrà rggiunto il numero minimo di partecipanti
*Costi agevolati per gruppi di minimo 4 persone

Per informazioni

Cell: 349.1078789 | 340.3411987

Sila National Park- Cupone Visitor Centre

Wonderful place for families and hikers, you can visit a museum, a botanical and geological garden, and you can view wolves, deer, roe deer in their natural habitats.

It’s also the starting place for several trails.

Free entrance

Difficulty: T (Tourist)

Fallistro Conservation Area – Giants in Sila

Visit an original Silan forest, the natural reserve is home to 51 centuries-old Calabrian black pine trees which range in height about 45 m. It is considered on of the oldest forests in Italy.

Difficulty: T (Tourist)

The trails of the Long lost footprints (Sila Grande)

The hike starts from the rifugio. We continue on old mountain roads which were used for centuries by humans and animals alike to reach Sila from the lower villages. We pass by the legendary Pietra di Margherita. Inspired by the monumental size of the granitic rock the folk tales recount of dragons, brigands and hidden treasures.

Circular Path: Rifugio (1424) – Serra Stella (1813 m) – M. Funnente (1674 m) – rifugio (1424 m)

Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty: E (Excursionists)

Trionto gorge (Sila Greca)

We start in Longobucco and reach the high valley of the river Trionto. This is one of the most epic and romantic places narrated by Norman Douglas. We then follow the riverbed back to Longobucco, sometimes forging the river but mostly walking throught its crystal clear waters. In some instance we may have to use ropes to go down the steep walls.

Circular Path: Longobucco (750 m) – Alta Valle del Trionto (1050 m) – Longobucco (690 m)
Duration: 5 hours

Difficulty: EE (Experienced Excursionists)

The Grand Italian Trail – stage 18 (Sila Grande)

First we visit the Fallistro Conservation Area, a centuries-old forest of Calabrian black pine and one the oldest in Italy. We then reach the highest peak in Sila, Mount Botte Donato (1928m), by hiking up its northen slope and then we continue downwards toward Lorica.

Crossing: Croce di Magara (1365 m) – Riserva Naturale di Fallistro (1436 m) – M. Botte Donato (1928 m) – Lorica/Baracchelle (1403 m)
Duration: 6/7 hours

Difficulty: E (Excursionists)

Tacina high valley (Sila Piccola)

Discover with us the the most beautiful and wild Silan valley.

Circular Path: Lago Ampollino (1288 m) – M. Scorciavuoi (1745 m) – Alta Val di Tacina (1450 m) – Torrente Ciricilla (1331 m) – Lago Ampollino (1288 m)

Duration: 7 hours

Difficulty: EE (Experienced Excursionists)

Contact Eduardo for information and for the excursion calendar.

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SP 256 Km 10, snc | 87053 | Celico (CS)

We are located at 1424M a.s.l. near Montescuro in the mountains of the Sila Grande in Calabria, Southern Italy. The closest urban areas are Celico, Spezzano della Sila, and Camigliatello Silano at about 10 km. The city of Cosenza is about 20 Km.


From Cosenza

Fom the A2 Mediterranea take the Cosenza or Rende exit.
Take the SS107 towards Crotone/Sila.
Pass through the towns of Celico and Spezzano Sila.
Just after the last houses of Spezzano Sila Exit the SS107 at the “Spezzano Sila/Spezzano Piccolo” Exit.
At the STOP sign turn Left towards Montescuro, going uphill.
Follow this road (SP256) for 10 Km. We’re on the left. It’s a red house in the middle of the mountains.

From Crotone

From the SS106 take the SS107 towards Cosenza/Sila.
Stay on the SS107 for about 70 km (an hour).
Take the “Fago del soldato/Montescuro” Exit.
At the Stop sign turn LEFT toward Montescuro.
Follow this road (SP256) for about 9 Km passing by a tall metal cross.
We’re on the right. It’s a red house in the middle of the mountains.

GPS coordinates

Lat. 39° 19′ 35.63″ Nord
Lon. 16° 23′ 3.15″ Est